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After a first career as a journalist (newspaper reporter and magazine editor), Dabbler Sails’ sole prop left Chicago on a 30-ft ketch, down the Mississippi. Cruised aboard her for 22 years, from the Caribbean to Maine, and out to Bermuda. Between cruises managed a marine supply store, did masthead and rigging work on yachts, was “casual labor” in a Florida sail loft, keeping eyes open while doing handwork on the bench, and had made a complete new suit of sails, on an old hand-crank zig-zag machine, for our Sea Wind ketch. Came ashore in 1990, built a house, and set up as a sailmaker. By that time my wife and I had an 18-foot catboat named Dabbler (after the marsh ducks that feed in shallow water and spring directly up to take flight), and gave the name and duck silhouette to the infant loft. Initially we took on any job that offered -- sails for local (Chesapeake Bay) boats, sail repairs, canvaswork, rigging, and masthead work. Dabbler Sails advertising in national magazines focused on traditional small-craft sails, and to my delight these have gradually replaced all other kinds of work.

(* Sail designer, sailmaker, advertising director, website developer, office manager, purchasing agent, accountant, shipping department, and janitor.)

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