Appendices -- Useful Supplemental Information


When a sail is required to reflect the character or vintage of a boat, departures from our standard finish might include hemp-colored boltropes ending in rat-tails instead of "ducktails," hand-sewn brass rings with liners, or a fancy peak becket for a sprits'l like the one shown. Occasionally, the style of the sail (or the whim of a client) will dictate a hand-sewn boltrope, instead of a machine-sewn one. A tiny sail, as a canoe sail, might require ultra-narrow panels to be historically correct. Sometimes, cringles or grommets, laid up from a strand of rope, will be part of the finish.

It should be noted that none of these elective options make a more aerodynamic sail. Hand-sewn brass rings are not stronger than properly sized brass spur grommets or hydraulic-pressed rings. Buff-colored faux hemp doesnt make a better sail. Hand-sewn boltropes rat tailed around corners aren't stronger than machine sewn boltropes ending in ducktails.

When custom finish is specified the cost of the sail will reflect it. Faux hemp costs more than our standard three-strand spun-Dacron boltrope. Very narrow panels mean more seams, more sewing time. Hand-sewn boltrope takes hours, instead of minutes, compared to machine-sewn rope. Hand-sewn rings take a lot longer than setting brass spur grommets or hydraulic pressed rings, and brass rings and liners are currently scarce and very expensive.

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