Appendices -- Useful Supplemental Information


Every loft has it’s “standard” way of finishing sails. Sails that have come into our loft for repair exhibit many levels of finish -- from slapdash to elegant. Understandably, sails from the big production lofts are usually built for utility, not beauty.

Dabbler Sails has settled on a standard finish that includes: narrow panels when appropriate to match the cut and design of traditional sails; three-strand spun Dacron boltropes, machine sewn on tabling cut from cloth the same color as the sail, and terminated by our unique "ducktails" after rounding corners; traditional patches on traditional sails, or radial patches for modern sails; protective patches under batten pockets; leather where chafe might cut stitching -- as on corners where sheets are attached. Corner, reefing, and lacing hardware might be brass spur grommets, nickel-plated brass spur grommets (more corrosion resistant for salt water), or Bainbridge Inox hydraulic “pressed” rings for larger sails.

If a customer wants further elegance in finish we welcome the opportunity to make rat-tailed boltropes around corners with hand-sewn brass rings, or even hand-sew boltropes. These are time-consuming techniques requiring practiced skill, so they cost correspondingly more. (See "Custom Finish" on this page.)

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