Appendices -- Useful Supplemental Information

To "ducktail" a boltrope, the tabling with it's machine sewn rope is sewn around the corner (head, tack, or clew) and a little beyond. A few inches of rope has been left unsewn to the tabling, and now it's three strands have been separated and sheared off at staggered lengths. A simple patch, heat cut from a scrap of cloth, is folded over the cut strands and sewn in place. The corner ring, whether a spur grommet, hydraulic pressed ring, or hand-sewn ring, will be trapped inside the boltrope, a better looking and stronger arrangement than the nearly universal method of truncating the rope before it reaches the corner; a method that works only because of the great strength of modern sailcloth, but which leaves corners subject to distortion and occasional failure under heavy load. All boltropes on Dabbler sails are finished in this fashion.

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